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Java Grande Coffee Business Facts

The estimated initial investment to be open for business is from $65,000 (low) to $140,000 (high). Java Grande Coffee Business Kiosks are sold in four sizes which either you may brand under your own logo or as a Java Grande Business turn key solution.

The turn key provides all the necessary espresso equipment as well as in house and on-site training, site selection, installation and permitting assistance for a fee of $27,400.

Do you offer a finance program?

No. However, most clients find that the funds to purchase a Java Grande Coffee business is most easily found via a home equity line of credit or from their 401K or IRA retirement accounts.

At the current time, Java Grande Coffee Business sells across the U.S. - Kiosks that you may brand yourself can be purchased worldwide.

Java Grande Coffee Business will provide guidelines for favorable sites, and if you select the turnkey package, assist in evaluating the sites that you have found in for potential profitability. Java Grande Business will also assist you in the lease negotiation process

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