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Bad Ass Coffee Franchise Company Business Information
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The Bad Ass Coffee Company of Hawaii - Coffee Franchise Information:

A Distinct Brand in the High-Growth Coffee and Specialty Beverage Industry!

bad ass coffee,bad ass coffee business,bad ass coffee franchise,kona coffee business,start coffee shopThe Bad Ass Coffee Company™ is a rapidly expanding, highly sought after franchise in the coveted, well-established and growing gourmet coffee service industry. The Bad Ass Coffee Company™ also offers a unique edge that we call the "Bad Ass Coffee Culture", which we describe as “Coffee With An Attitude.” Our distinct and desirable brand targets the emerging youth culture in the 18 to 30 year old demographic. Our store locations and our entire company outlook offer a fresh, fun and exciting approach to the business. Add to this the fact that our primary product is the finest 100% American grown Kona coffee available anywhere, and what you’ve got is the perfect blend for success. We do not require previous industry or business ownership experience to become a franchise owner.

A New Era for Coffee

While institutional coffee, or coffee in a can, has shown a decline in recent years, gourmet coffee is showing a steady, rapid growth across the country. This growth stems from the popularity of well-known coffee shops in the Seattle and San Francisco areas of the Pacific Northwest. According to recent reports from the National Coffee Association, 29 million Americans drink premium coffee each day, up from 7 million just 5 years ago. Now that the specialty coffee industry has completely captured the nation's attention, there is a large, untapped market for retail gourmet coffee store locations that is taking off not only in North America, but all over the world. The easiest way to access this business is through a well-established, solidly branded franchise that will provide both regional and national marketing and advertising support. The Bad Ass Coffee Company™ has the specialized team to do just that. We’re already expanding internationally into markets in Japan and South Korea, which will greatly enhance our global profile in support of our brand.

What Differentiates Us…

One of the most important aspects of any business is the name. You need a name for your business that creates immediate interest as well as one that is easily remembered and stands out from the crowd in order to improve your chances of success. We think we have that covered. The Bad Ass Coffee Company™ name is a highly distinctive trademark name your customers won’t soon forget. Our franchise’s exciting and highly visual store locations are fun, up-beat and a pleasure to manage. Most of our stores can be run, effectively by only two employees, even during peak hours.

A Complete and Proven Business System

bad ass coffee,bad ass coffee business,bad ass coffee franchise,kona coffee business,start coffee shop When you invest in the Bad Ass Coffee Company™ franchise, you’re getting far more than just a store location. We can provide you and your new business with a full range of support services to help you get your business up and running and on the road to success quicker and easier than ever before. From assistance with the primary planning stages and location selection of your store, providing access to excellent marketing information and support, as well as access to our expert interior design and installation teams, to helpful opening day assistance and beyond, we’ll be there for you. You do not need any industry or business ownership experience to succeed because we’ll provide you with:

  • Site Selection Assistance.
  • Specifications and guidance for store design and layout, signs, equipment and décor with various distinctive floor plans available to fit the particular needs of your location.
  • Customized store design & installation from our expert design & installation team.
  • A 5-day intensive training course for you at our corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Store grand opening assistance and supervision.
  • A wide array of advertising and promotional materials.
  • National and regional advertising and marketing programs.
  • Easily accessible telephone consultation support.
  • Customized e-commerce support including a distinct web-site for your store location.

The Bad Ass Coffee Company™ has an outstanding concept for our unique store designs, affordable equipment packages and exceptional marketing strategies. Our management team at the Bad Ass Coffee Company™ firmly believes this is the best franchise available in the market today, and we’d like to show you why. Contact us today to learn more.

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